SALT is a 4-month, Bible-based, intensive training program based in Malaysia that trains up Bible Workers. It stands for Soul-winning And Leadership Training. 

SALT’s course of study is designed to equip lay people with the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to be effective soul winners. 

Since 2014, we have had 251 students come through the SALT classes, and 41 individuals come through our Bible Work program. 97 separate churches have been represented worldwide. 26 individuals have gone on to serve in full time ministry as pastors, Bible Workers, canvassers, and medical missionaries all around the world.

From the latest 2020 batch, we had 8 individuals stay back after SALT to test out their calling for full time ministry and join the Bible Worker program. With 8 new bible workers, we currently have 14 bible workers in total!

We praise God for the number of individuals who would want to give up a year of their lives to serve God in full time ministry. It is challenging to manage such a large team, and also to have enough funds to support all these Bible Workers. But yet again, God teaches us at the 11th hour that He provides for us in ways we don’t even expect.

The Bible Workers are separated into three teams under three team leads. 

The first team poured their efforts into the health work. Each sub-team consists of a doctor / nurse, a canvasser, and a bible teacher. They go door to door to perform routine health checks for each home willing to open the door.

The canvasser prays and knocks on each door of the building, introducing the team. If there is anyone in the home with an illness, the doctor/nurse treats with natural remedies and gives health counsel. The bible teacher explains that the healing is done by our God in heaven, shares about Jesus, and prays for the individual. 

The team has had such great results in the area – not just in terms of healing and health, but also in the number of people who are interested in the Bible. The individuals that they visited have seen how the God that we believe in and serve healed them, and are willing now to follow and to learn more about Jesus. 

The news about the health team has spread in the building and area so quickly that some homes and families have come up to the team and said, “Why haven’t you visited our home yet?”. Praise God for opening the doors for health work!

The second BW team has been focusing on campus ministry. by working with the university student management. They came in contact with several students who were really struggling with daily necessities, unable to even buy the simplest of food. The Bible Workers got in touch with these students and distributed some simple groceries to keep them going during these tough times.

These students were extremely grateful and some of them even opened up, talking about their health problems, depression, and addictions. 

Many students who are far away from their homes and countries are welcomed into the church member’s homes for Care Group. They call CG their home away from home. One amazing testimony that we experienced is of one particular individual who was a gangster before. He joined our CG and eventually had Bible studies. He then attended SALT, and is now working as a Bible Worker in this team, endeavouring to win souls into the kingdom of heaven!

They have also started teaching students how to live healthy by exercising together, teaching them about a good diet, and encouraging them to stop smoking!

The third BW team has been producing music and exploring new areas in Kuala Lumpur.

They have been visiting homes and contacts in new unreached areas of KL, in the hopes of planting a new church in the area. This is one of the most challenging work to do because it is in one of the more affluent areas of Kuala Lumpur, where the population that lives here are well to do and do not have many needs.

While it has been challenging work, the doors still remain open and we praise God for teaching us to rely on God wholly for guidance and vision.

When not out in the field, some of the team members have been recording and creating Scripture Songs that can encourage members to memorize Bible verses in song. These have been a blessing for many people! These songs are available on Spotify, as well as on YouTube for free listening. 

Some of the team members have been producing videos on Advent Productions. Many of these videos have been viewed millions of times and played in not just SDA churches and schools across the world, but have also been shared by many non-SDA churches!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and assistance always. There is much work to be done, but we do it because we cannot wait for Jesus’ Second Coming!