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Savor of Life

Savor Of Life is a digital health ministry established as a Centre Of Influence project with our local conference. 3 years ago we were led to build a self-sustaining vegan cloud kitchen service from zero to 29,000 meals in 16 months. And now, we are building a digital masterclass platform called Savor Of Life University. The post-modern society seeks for answers to life’s questions on the internet – good health, a happy marriage, successful parenting, longevity and constant happiness. Savor Of Life University is a beautiful online education platform where world-class SDA doctors, educators and thought leaders will present exclusive masterclasses covering all aspects of practical Adventist living. Thank you for pledging a monthly amount towards this ministry. Any amount you can give helps makes this resource a reality and available to everyone.

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One place to find sacred music.  Every time young people are revived, or new members are baptized into our church, it has always been a struggle to point them to one location where they can find godly music without getting confused whether it is appropriate or not. It is also a challenge to browse through thousands of songs on Spotify or YouTube to hunt for godly musicians or songs.

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